The only foiled aluminium bi-fold on the market, Alumina matches perfectly with PVCu windows, with the foils offering a unique warm touch finish.

Alumina’s strength and size makes it ideal for a wide range of projects, from extensions and self builds to large scale commercial use. With U-values as low as 1.2W/m²K, Alumina also offers higher thermal efficiency than other aluminium bi-folding doors, thanks to its innovative patented thermal lock – helping to keep more of the heat inside your property, reducing energy bills.

Alumina uses a patented combined lock and thermal insert – enhancing energy efficiency and enabling Alumina bi-folds to reach U-values as low as 1.2. The same tried and tested technology is used in Alumina’s rolling mechanism and track, with stainless steel rollers moving effortlessly along a superbly engineered track. Ergonomic handles mean Alumina doors are family friendly and can be operated by all members of the family with ease. Discreet magnets ensure the doors are held together in the open position; and folding keys avoid any problems when keys are left in the locks.

The Alumina bi-fold is a ‘true’ aluminium door - able to span up to 1.2 meters wide per sash and 2.5 metres high, with optional warm-touch foiled finish and superior U-values - yet manufactured in the same traditional way as other aluminium systems. Alumina takes all the benefits of an aluminium door and adds extra features to make it the perfect choice where you need strength with size.

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