Window Installation

We are proud to supply eco energy plus – an energy efficient, high performing, environmentally friendly window and door.

100% lead-free PVCu – helping the environment

The dangers of lead are well known – however the eco energy plus window and door system is 100% lead-free – better for the environment, and better for you, unlike many other systems in the market place.

Further proof of lead-free being the correct choice can be found in two regularly purchased retail products:

  • Petrol – leaded 4 star petrol was withdrawn from sale in 2000 because of concerns over air and soil pollution and the accumulative neurotoxicity of lead

  • Paint – in 1992, European Union legislation was implemented within the UK by the Environmental Protection, and lead based paint was banned from sale to the general public (apart from specialist uses eg. Historic buildings, arts)

  • Energy efficient – the eco energy plus window system uses it’s multiple chambers to lock in the heat, and high performing bubble gasket seals to ensure there are no gaps for heat to escape – it is arguably the most energy efficient window available.

The window is BFRC “A” energy rated as standard, but even higher A+ ratings are achievable, up to an incredible A+ 31.